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Elgin, Illinois

The Elgin Riverboat Resort and Parking Structure located in Elgin, Illinois encompasses an 80,500 square foot pavilion with restaurants and entertainment facilities. A pedestrian bridge connects the pavilion to a 430,000 s.f. parking structure. The structural system is structural steel with composite metal deck floor slabs. Lateral bracing is provided by a combination of braced frames and rigid moment frames. A project highlight is the 50 foot ceiling in the atrium which is topped by a clerestory. The parking structure, which provides space for 1,380 vehicles, is a precast double tee system founded on steel piles.

C S Associates worked closely with the Hyatt Corporation and with the architects, Lucien Lagrange Associates, to arrive at cost effective construction for both the pavilion and the parking structure.

Architect: Lucien Lagrange Associates, Ltd and Nevada Landings
Developer: Hyatt Development Corporation