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O’Hare Field, Chicago, Illinois

American Airlines has undertaken the renovation and expansion program of Terminal #3 at Chicago's O'Hare Field.

The base of Terminal (Security Checkpoint) has been expanded and renovated to have exposed castellated beams supporting a barrel skylight.

Renovation of the Stem area leading to H and K Concourses required the removal of the existing center bay concrete rib joist roof structure to accommodate a 300' long by 23' high barrel vault skylight. The vaulted skylight is supported by architecturally exposed structural pipe trusses at 10' on center. An extensive computer analysis and design by C S Associates provided a vaulted truss to resist lateral, thermal, and gravity loads while meeting the architectural requirements of the exposed structure and modern decor.

Expansion of the H and K Concourses includes more than 50,000 square feet of public space and 52,000 square feet of airline employee and aircraft support space. Each irregular shaped expansion project utilizes a structural steel composite beam floor and roof system. Unusual lateral forces are resisted by a series of moment frames on the H Extension and interior cross braced bays on the K Extension. Each lateral resisting system used required close coordination to achieve the architectural expression of the buildings, both interior and exterior.

On all the renovation and expansion projects for American Airlines, close coordination with all disciplines was essential in order to minimize disruption to airport activities and support the compressed construction schedule. Services provided by C S Associates include construction documents, specifications, and field observations.

Architect: Kober/Bellushi Associates, Ellerbe-Becket Associates
Developer: American Airlines, Inc.