Structural Engineering

CSA provides a full range of structural engineering services, specializing in buildings of all types and sizes, and also including solutions for unique, complex conditions. See our About CSA tab for further information.

Integrated Modeling

CSA engineers are experts at taking a complex design from concept, through in-depth modeling, analysis and design, to coordinated BIM modeling and construction documents.

Historic Preservation

Many of our projects include a component of preservation of historic landmark buildings. Often, these involve complicated partial demolition and tie-in to new building structure. CSA engineers provide the experience and ingenuity to maintain and revitalize these landmarks in their modified conditions.

Building Evaluation & Rehabilitation

When old buildings are re-tasked for renovation and new uses, CSA engineers provide full engineering services to evaluate various obsolete structural systems or deteriorated framing to confirm adequacy or design reinforcement as necessary for the new uses. CSA also has experience designing significant framing revisions in the many different types of framing systems encountered in old structures.