CS Associates, Inc.


Chicago, Illinois

This structure consists of a 500,000 s.f., twelve story building that accommodates three major research centers, state of the art biomedical research laboratories, faculty offices and support spaces for the fields of genetics, molecular medicine, cancer, neurosciences, bioengineering and advanced medicine. There are approximately 250 feet above grade and 40 feet below grade with 9 laboratory floors with offices. On the ground floor there is a dining area for 120 people, two auditoriums one to accommodate 250 people, one for 120 people, 2 seminar rooms, one for 70 people, one for 50 people.

The laboratories located at the above grade levels required flexibility for future equipment layout and various calibration criteria based on the equipment to be used. Since the steel tonnage of the floor system would increase substantially if most stringent vibration requirements were used for all levels, coordination with the owner, architect and MEP engineers resulting in limiting the high end calibration requirements to only one floor.

The basement levels contain the vivarium facility for the building. The twenty foot floor to floor height requirements resulting in the lowest level slab approximately forty feet below grade. Since the site had been occupied previously by multiple buildings built over the last seventy five years, considerable investigation and research was necessary.

Architect: Davis Brody Bond Architects, New York, NY
Developer: Northwestern University