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Evanston, Illinois

The Walgreens Research & Laboratory Building is a 70,000 s.f. six story structure with two levels below grade. The lobby and lower levels connect to the Women’s Hospital. The basement levels extend under the service drive to the Women’s Hospital New Canopy and also supports the sloping landscaping along the new research building. The lower levels house two 3.0 MRI equipment designed for strict vibration limits.

The substructure consists of drilled piers with bells (caissons). The superstructure consists of a structural composite frame with two steel framed cupolas centered at the high roof level.

Structural engineering services included the design of the new canopy and restructuring of the low roof level in the women’s hospital, infill of floor openings, new enclosed exits and modification to the foundations and enclosure of the existing oxygen farm.

The Walgreens Research & Laboratory is constructed west of the Women’s Hospital Building and connects at lower and lobby levels.

Architect: Eckenhoff Saunders, Chicago, Illinois
Developer: Evanston Hospital