CS Associates, Inc.


Chicago, Illinois

The renovation of the existing five-story project for Nike, located at 669 North Michigan in Chicago, required new crescent shaped openings be cut through each floor creating an atrium. New bridges were to be added across the openings for pedestrian traffic.

The existing structural floor system consisted of 8" deep concrete pan joists at 26" on center and 3" concrete slab topping. Steel girders, spanning 40' and spaced 15' to 20' on center, supported the joists.

New floor openings were created by cutting away the portions of the floors as required. The remainder of the floor framing elements were supported by steel girders located below the existing floor prior to cutting the new openings. New bridges were added across the openings for pedestrian traffic.

Many one-of-a-kind amenities were added to the space. A two story basketball court required removal of a portion of the third floor which was bracing the exterior wall system.

The existing masonry wall was strong-backed with structural tube sections allowing the floor elements to be removed, leaving the exterior wall adequately braced.

Location and moving of a 10,000 gallon salt-water aquarium required a steel frame to be constructed off site and built in place to allow the glass aquarium to be assembled, maintain stability and distribute loads to floor elements.

New floor openings and structural support for five-story tubes were required to bring shoes from the stock room at the fifth floor to the ground level through a fully automated, transparent vertical transportation tube system. Support framing was designed for multiple TV monitors to be suspended below floor level to allow a glass floor to be installed over the monitors which allows shoppers to walk over images of water scenes.

The project was exceptionally challenging since common budget restraints and cutbacks were not the controlling factor and creative solutions were required to meet the creative and innovative designs developed by the client.

Architect: Shea Architects, Inc.
Developer: Nike