CS Associates, Inc.


Chicago, Illinois

The expansion of this 30-story steel framed superstructure includes the creation of eight, two-story district courtrooms located at the building mid-height. Required building modifications include the installation of structural steel truss-type transfer girders at each end of the 16th floor. This allowed the removal of selected columns from the 12th to the 16th floors. Similar transfers, though smaller in scale, were required to provide floor openings for additional courtrooms in the center of the building. This was accomplished through the use of long span built-up structural steel plate girders. More than 200 tons of steel was hoisted into the building as the structural framework was being altered. A 58-foot steel beam was lifted through a window opening on the 15th floor.

Additional work included the design of a three-story architectural stairway. The existing floor structure was also reinforced to accommodate HVAC, plumbing and sprinkler improvements.

SEAOI Award of Merit
GSA Design Award
Chicago Building Congress Award

Architect: Lohan Associates, Chicago, Illinois