Robert H. Lurie Medical Research Center for Northwestern University


Devoted to the research of cancer, infectious diseases, genetics and bionanotechnology, this state-of-the-art facility consists of two below-grade vivarium levels, a mixed-use ground floor and 9 above-grade levels of laboratories. When fully occupied, the facility will house over 1000 researchers, technicians, post-doctoral students, lab assistants and staff.

The foundation system consists of belled caissons extending to a depth of approximately 85 feet below grade. A two level vivarium extends 40 feet below grade. The structural floor systems consist of conventionally reinforced concrete utilizing one-way joists and slabs. Sound and vibration were major factors in determining the floor framing for these levels. The above-grade structure consists of structural steel and composite deck framing. Clear spans of over 40 feet were required due to the flexibility requirements of the laboratories. Highly-restrictive floor vibration design criteria were required due to the use of high-powered microscopes sensitive to slight vibration.

Size: 500,000 SF
Stories: 12
Architect: Davis Brody & Bond Architects
Developer: Northwestern University