CS Associates, Inc.


Chicago, Illinois

The River East Center mixed use development consists of a 645-foot tall residential tower and a 265-foot tall hotel with a 90-foot tall retail/cinema complex (podium) and four levels of an underground garage below the entire footprint of the project.

The various components of the project required expertise in many different building systems. The four levels of underground parking were constructed by the “top-down” method, with a perimeter slurry wall and floor framing consisting of one way concrete slabs and post tensioned concrete beams.

The entire project is founded on caissons, which were installed from ground level and were then used as columns when the underground parking levels were later excavated.

The residential tower consists of cast-in-place reinforced concrete, with shearwalls at the core, a perimeter spandrel beam frame and two-way flat plate slabs. Due to the change in function near the base of the building 24 of the 36 columns are transferred on large concrete transfer girders at the 4th floor. The hotel consists of post-tensioned two-way flat plate slabs with concrete shearwalls and columns. The hotel roof has long span king-post trusses spanning over the hotel atrium. The three-story podium structure between the hotel and residential tower consists of a composite metal deck slab with composite joists and steel framing.

Architect: DeStefano + Partners, Chicago, Illinois
Developer: River East, L.L.C.