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Chicago, Illinois

Park Tower is a multi-use development that consists of retail and parking at the base, a Park Hyatt hotel up to the eighteenth floor and condominiums from the twentieth through the sixty-seventh floors.

The shape and location of the building brought special challenges, which required an innovative design by CS Associates. Wind tunnel tests indicated unusually high wind forces, which, together with the tall and narrow shape of the building, caused accelerations, which would be unacceptably high for residential use. Through the use of a tuned mass damper at the top of the building and a well-planned lateral system, CS Associates was able to control the accelerations without compromising the architectural design.

With the excellent planning and experience of the design team, CS Associates produced an efficient, cost effective design for the 824-foot tall concrete structure.

Architect: Lucien LaGrange & Associates, Ltd., Chicago, Illinois
Developer: Hyatt Development Corporation