CS Associates, Inc.


Chicago, Illinois

The North Michigan/East Huron Development is a highrise consisting of 465,000 square feet of multi-use space. The functions included are a clothing retail store, a 350 suite Hyatt Regency Hotel and 140,000 square feet of office space.

Chris P. Stefanos Associates' role as the structural engineer on this project was to combine a complex set of structural requirements into a practical cost effective building.

The special challenge of this structure was two fold. First, because of the restrictive site, the building took a tall narrow form. The frame was subject to high wind forces which required innovative lateral systems to maintain the narrow profile of the building. Second, each of the different uses of the building required its own structural layout. Care was taken to stack these dissimilar systems in a way to efficiently transfer the loads to the foundations.

Chris P. Stefanos Associates' services include structural planning, analysis and design, computer modeling, preparation of contract documents and specifications, and field observation.

The Structural Engineers Association of Illinois presented Chris P. Stefanos Associates the 1990 Award of Merit for City Place in recognition of the exceptional merit of this project and its contribution to the advancement of the state of the art of structural engineering.

Architect: Loebl, Schlossman & Hackl, Chicago, Illinois
Developer: Fifield Development Corporation