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Skokie, Illinois

Old Orchard Woods is a 1.6 million square foot mixed-use development composed of three, twenty-story multi-family residential towers, linked by residential bridges with one-plus level below grade. The level below grade and the first three levels above grade, form one continuous building, which contains grade level commercial space, residential, and common area spaces.

Amenities include a 75 foot long pool, tennis court, spa, fitness center and a two story party facility with catering kitchen, green roof system and sky gardens.

The project is constructed of reinforced concrete; the buildings feature skins of thermally insulated glass, providing floor-to-ceiling windows in approximately 700 condominium units with indoor heated parking for approximately 1,200 cars.

The multi-story, open “hole” in one of the buildings presented structural hurdles. The challenge was designing five-story, unbraced columns, which was primarily an issue of getting a minimum size that would work for that unbraced length. C S Associates was able to come up with a size that pleased the Architect. The result is, slender columns that provide support as well as visual interest to the structures.

Because of the unusual shape of the buildings, a wind-tunnel study was done. Although the original concept for the buildings was for the three towers to be separated by expansion joints, which is common, the initial lateral analysis showed the relative movements of the towers to be larger than desired for an acceptable expansion joint width. Instead, the decision was made to use the multi-level bridges to provide a rigid diaphragm to link the three towers at several floors.

Architect: Optima, Inc., Skokie, Illinois
Developer: Optima, Inc.