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Chicago, Illinois

The DePaul University Library is a four story, 191,000 square foot cast-in-place concrete facility. The typical floor live load capacity is 150 psf. 15,000 square feet of the second floor has been designed to accommodate a future high density storage area of 300 psf.

The building's exterior consists of a complicated mixture of brick, block, limestone and precast elements combined to enhance the Architect's design intent of creating an environment for both learning and research.

The building has been designed to maximize flexibility. The 30' x 30' bays allow for collections to easily move without disrupting their numerical sequence.

The building has been conceived as a "smart building,” one which allows for the introduction of the newest automation and innovations in information technology without disturbing functions already in place. An underfloor duct raceway system was cast in the structural slab for an electrical and communications system providing the necessary flexibility.

Architect: Lohan Associates, Inc., Chicago, Illinois
Developer: DePaul University